Sunday 24 April 2011

The Perfect Spiral


It has been a few weeks but I have been working at various new ideas and getting some 'stock' together, including my industrial reel of 1000 ft copper wire.

Along with the purchase of the wire I also bought a wire spiral maker, to make those perfect coils you always wanted...Well I did anyway.

I first made the coils, and then coiled those coils to make, well Uber Coils. They can now be beaded to other stuff. Hopefully I'll find a use for them.

And here is the coiling tool:

Rather nifty when using it, not flimsy. That wooden shaft is very solid and hard.

Ahem, anyway, I'm hoping to get some new stuff on Etsy in the coming weeks as I think I need more pendants and variety of them to make them sell, because as of yet, no buyers =(.

Lots of commissions in work though, so thanks to all you guys!

Friday 1 April 2011

My Cagey Idea

I have just created my first small batch of pendants that are 'caged' within brass craft wire. This is the best thing I can do so far that actually looks decent. I do hope to expand on these designs because otherwise I think too many spirals might get boring.

Medium-Speckled Snowflake Obsidian
I'm 86.7% happy with my first attempts, but as they are some of the simpler designs then this score isn't amazing.
Drilling into stones will be my next task, but I'll need to buy some supplied from Manchester Minerals in Stockport tomorrow. Fun times!

For now, I leave you with my main tool for the trade at the present time.

Pliers of Doom™