Sunday 1 April 2012

Wire Weave Dreamcatcher

Two posts in the same week?! Yes it is true, and not an April Fools. I made the following for Beth, my girlfriend, for her birthday.

I had an idea to create a dreamcatcher using wire and a few gemstones, and also thought this idea was not around on the Internet in any form. However I was wrong. Camille and her YouTube channel full of great ideas on jewellery making, using wire wrapping and weaving techniques, had already made one. So I decided to follow her guide and create my own:

I need to collect a few more supplies that I didn't have, such as 2mm thick copper from Fred Aldous for the main loop, and green satin ribbon to wrap around it. I also bought a bit more 4mm copper-silver wire to do the weaving, however I think after struggling to weave this wire perfectly, I will be getting thinner (3mm) for the next time. The main issue is due to the 'knots' made when weaving and the fact that they do not want to behave and wrap around properly if the wire is too thick.

After adding a couple of amethyst chip beads and a rose quartz inner round bead, I made sure to keep a small hole in the centre like a normal dreamcatcher.

I am almost fully content with this first attempt, but would like to make the weave cleaner by using thinner wire in the future. I'll showcase these when I have made them.

What the dreamcatcher can be used for is up in the air to be honest. It could be a pendant, but may be too big for some and could be hung up in a bedroom as an actual 'above bed' dreamcatcher.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me what you would use the dreamcatcher for.