Welcome to the Official Gems and Junk blog.

I'm the founder and sole creator of the items you see on the blog, Adrian. I began Gems and Junk as a simple present for a friend, which then ended up turning into a hobby that I felt I wanted to share with others and then gain valuable experience from the huge network of crafty people.

The items I create are mainly with craft wire and gemstones. This comes from my long interest in stones, how they are created, the different varieties and how each stone can make a piece of jewellery stand out. I hope that every piece of jewellery I create can be personal to the whoever it belongs to.

I am currently studying for my PhD, so my time is quite limited. However I do believe that even students need a rest now and again, so here is where my creativity will flow and I can create some unique pieces of wire wrapped gemstone jewellery.

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