Tuesday 21 June 2011

Hopefully This Won't Be Too Vial

Finally! I've just posted a new product on Etsy. A small addition to what will hopefully be a massive rush of products soon.

Oh and I apologise for the awful headline pun.

Behold the mighty ickle bottle:

This little cylindrical bottle is filled with various gemstones (of very tiny proportions) and can be uncorked to fill with whatever the wearer can fit in there.
I have made the pendant with a black lace that suits the silver metal of the bail I use to hang the pendant from. The clasp system was also hand made.
An odd piece but I'm hoping that it could be a quirky compliment for someone to wear and be noticed.

Linky to the Etsy product is here.

As a special treat, I'm adding a coupon code on Etsy for all products that will give 30% off the price! So readers of my blog, which may not be many Etsy shoppers, will get a rather spiffing offer when doing me the pleasure of gracing my words.

The coupon code will be: BLOGFTW
EDIT: The above coupon code is no longer available. I shall be doing more promotions in future posts =).

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Saturday 11 June 2011

Just A Quickie

As the title suggests this post is just a short one to introduce my new carry box. Rather dull probably to some, however others may find it interesting to see all my stuff I use to make my jewellery.

It is a bit messy at the moment, but as soon as I stop being lazy I'll tidy it up. My favourite part is the tiers that fold out when you open up the lid.
And this box was only £7.20 at Fred Aldous! Bargain in my eyes. Follow this link if you'd like to see the box on the Aldous website.

Next post will be on a small pendant that I made from a tiny bottle (or vial). It's cute.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Back With A New Idea

Well it's good to be back after a small break. Unfortunately my Internet decided to go AWOL and then to much on and blah blah. Never mind, here's a new product that has come about from me - bracelets:

Blue Goldstone - Silver plated wire
Red Coral - Copper wire

These have come about purely by 'commission' by my good friends at MediaVest, however I enjoyed making these, and feel I should put these on the store eventually.
The clasp on both bracelets are my favourite part oddly. I felt that was the most crafty part.

I have also recently bought some more stock from Fred Aldous and Manchester Minerals including silver plated wire, and square sterling silver wire to create a very beautiful pendant called a tree of life. You can see what one looks like here. I have to get it perfect first time because silver isn't the cheapest =P

I'm going to be posting quite a few updates in the coming days, which I was going to post all today, but I thought I'd spread the love over a few days.

If you have any comments on the bracelets or any ideas or improvements, then please comment below.
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