Monday 7 November 2011

Review: Belle Femme Jewellery

While on holiday I met with an extremely talented handmade jewellery maker named Victoria Allman. She is the founder and crafter of Belle Femme Jewellery, who I felt could do with a review.

First of all Belle Femme create a huge array of jewellery from bracelets to necklaces, pendants and technically, anything you want under their bespoke, personalised jewellery making service.
The main focus on most of the jewellery at Belle Femme is the use of a variety of beads (plastic, stone or glass) to create a perfect harmony of handmade perfection. Vicky manages to use her talent as a jewellery designer to ensure that the combination of beads are arranged in such a way that would look as if it should have a designer label attached to it.

The elegance of the designs is really what stands out to me and makes me love every inch of the creations. The level of detail that goes into some of the pieces can really be seen as true dedication to make sure her style is embedded within every part of the piece.

Another point that makes Belle Femme stand out to me is it's ability to reach a variety of audiences, and to great effect by means of bespoke items. The customer simply gives an idea, and Belle Femme will create it to a standard that the customer will love and tell their friends.

Overall Belle Femme is only young, yet has the potential to grow as big as it wants. I would love to work with them in the future, and hope to collaborate on designs. Currently they only have a Facebook page (links below) which has all their images of the current designs and work that has gone on to be purchased. Hopefully we will see a full site in the coming months or maybe even a blog to really hear from the great crafter herself, so she can impart valuable wisdom.

Facebook link: Belle Femme Jewellery.

I'll leave you with my favourite piece by Belle Femme. Wonder if you can tell me why this might have a special place in my jewellery fondness?