Friday 12 August 2011

New Trees and Bracelets That Survive Glastonbury

A few posts ago I talked about my new bracelets that I would be creating. I did a few and gave them out to people who wanted them at work. One person was Lisa Martinelli, who very kindly wore it for the longest time I've seen anyone where my jewellery. She even took it to the Glastonbury Festival and put it through an ordeal for any item there. It went through showers, mud, grime and simple drunkenness, but it came out unharmed and looking like I had just given it to her.
Rather proud that my bracelets can survive Glastonbury. That has to be a new USP right?

The new bracelets can be found in my Etsy store below. You can have custom sizes and choose your own stones too:

Now, for my favourite creations alongside my new bracelets are my gemstone trees. With 25 feet of copper wire, some gemstone chip beads and a good 2 hours work you can create a tree like these:

Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree
Peridot Gemstone Tree

A lot of effort but well worth it in the end. I'll be making more of these and hopefully if I can get a cheap stall in the near future, I'll be selling these there. For now you can purchase the only tree available (for now) on Etsy:

Before I go, I thought I'd give a big thank you to for providing great gemstones for me to create my jewellery and stuff with. Sharon at Silver Orchid has been a great help and I would recommend the site to anyone looking for good quality beads and equipment at affordable prices. I only pay £2 for any strand of gemstones at 36 inches per strand! Much better than some dealers who charge also based on the stone itself, and for peridot that can be a lot more.

In upcoming posts I'll be featuring new products including a tree of life pendant, and I want to share with you how I create my bracelets and trees in step by step tutorials, and maybe a video if I feel up to it.


  1. These are so cute! Love them!!!

  2. Thank you very much! I would be happy to hear from you again and even make your own if you ever felt like getting one =)

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