Thursday 1 September 2011

Wire Squiggle Rings With A Final Farewell

A couple of weeks ago I finished my university placement at Carat Manchester. I was very sad to go, and will miss all my team! I love you guys (especially if you're reading this).

Although I may be gone, I am still very much in touch with my ex-colleagues including the intern who took over from me - Holly Keenaghan.
Holly was kind enough to commission me to create new rings for her and family. The rings themselves were created by wrapping a small length of silver or copper wire around a pen, to create the ring shape. Then I used pliers to create the squiggle (hence the name). These rings were created with inspiration from my new wire jewellery guide by Linda Jones.
Adding a small gemstone to compliment the ring perfectly is up to the buyer, but Holly chose the lovely colours below, and chose amethyst and candy jade for her mother. I unfortunately don't have pictures of these rings yet, but Holly will hopefully provide me with modelled rings soon. Below are the four I created for Holly:

Each ring has a different coloured double
As I couldn't decide which was the right one for Holly, I decided to create fours rings - a silver and copper with a rose quartz bead, and a silver and copper with three 4mm aventurine beads.

As with most of my team at Carat, I wanted to make everyone something at least once, and Alex Pickering was the only one left without a gift. So I decided to do something on a whim and drill through a D20 die. Luckily Alex's die drilled through instantly, unlike another poor D20 afterwards that has a drill bit snapped off inside of it.

Green D20 fully drilled through and pendantised (It is a word...)
The pendant originally was going to be made using silver wire, however after testing with copper, I thought the effect with the gold numbers worked the best. Alex liked it anyway, and brought him luck as he passed his Microsoft advertising exam with flying colours.
I'm hoping to dill a few more dice to make similar items. Share your dice creations, or comment on mine below!

Before I go back to university, I'll be completing at least one tutorial here, and I've decided to do it on the rings. I'll be using my own techniques from what I have seen in Linda Jones' book.
Let me know below if you'd rather see me do a video, or old school step by step tutorial too. I'd love to know if you'd like to see my face.


  1. Love it Adrian!...will get you some pictures of the ring on asap! Hol xx

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