Thursday 29 September 2011

A Nested Statement

Yes, being a programmer calls for pun-intended headlines.

A very unexpected post today about an idea from the dear Lisa Martinelli to create a pendant based on a bird nest. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make it. So I did. My first attempt below is quite a small pendant using 5mm rose quartz beads, and wrapped in silver-plated copper wire (22 Ga). I think I can do better with a bit of practice and bigger, more egg shaped beads.

Quite easy to create, but hard to master the effect of the nest. I think you have to make sure you use enough wire to get the nest effect. Not too little wire that you have no nest, but not too much so it looks like a bunched up wire ball hiding a stone (sounds like a possible experiment though).

I must thank Sarah Ortega for the inspiration to create the pendant from her tutorial here -
Very simple instructions and easy to follow with some amazing examples of her bird nests.

I think I'll start selling these with a first commission possibly from another co-worker, Emma Lawson (Thank you!)

A quick note also - I'm back at university now so I am still planning on creating when I can and completing some tutorials soon, however my work may get in the way of updates at times so I apologise in advance for long delays on posting.

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